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Papers of the 11th Asia-Pacific Regional Conference of the ISTVS

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0303 / Composite Beam Tests with Closed Cell Polyurethane and Aluminum Foam0356 / Design and Simulation Analysis of Intelligent Suspension for Manned Lunar Rover0861 / Review of the Reconfigurable Wheel-Tracked System0963 / A Wheel and Vehicle Mobility Index Based on Traction and Velocity...1128 / Semi-Active Reinforcement Learning Suspension Control for the Off-Road Vehicles1491 / Design and Verification of a Creeping Mars Rover1534 / Foothold Selection Considering Constraint and Slippage Evaluation for Legged Robots1561 / Prominent Problems and Thoughts of “Paddy Soil-Terrain Machine System”...1655 / Modeling of Lunar Rover Vehicle Wheel-Soil Interaction Using Fem-Dem Method2034 / A Comprehensive Lumped Parameter Approach for the Dynamic Simulation...2149 / Investigation of the Shear Stress Dynamics on Silty Loam Soil and Measurement...2190 / Tyre Parameterization Tests: Dynamic vs. Static2539 / Model Predictive Control of a Robot Driven Vehicle for Testing of Advanced Driver...2632 / Energy Consumption Analysis of Door Opening with a Mobile Manipulator...2643 / An Improved Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Method Base on LeGO-LOAM and Motion Compens3351 / Benchmarking of Compression Testing Devices in Snow4054 / Field Validation of Egress Process for Planetary Rover4243 / Soil Compaction Monitoring Technique Using Deep Learning4260 / The Running Gear Construction Impact on Obstacles Overcoming by Light High-Mobility UGV4409 / Design of Self-Driving Bulldozer System4744 / Terrain Classification Using Mars Raw Images Based on Deep Learning Algorithms...4774 / Steadily Learn to Drive with Virtual Memory4782 / Experimental Study of Track-Soil Interactions of the Steering Performance of Tracked...4812 / Multi-Fidelity Machine Learning Modeling for Wheeled Locomotion on Soft Soil4827 / Introducing Polibot: A High Mobility Tracked Robot with Innovative Passive Suspensions5060 / Bionic Quadruped Robot for Mars Surface Exploration5408 / Ride Comfort Comparison Between Suspension Modes: Input Towards Designing Difference...5800 / Interaction Modeling and Dynamic Control Strategy for C-Shaped Leg with Sandy Terrain...5979 / Research on Drag Reduction Performance of Sliding Plate of Rice Direct Seeding Machine...6174 / Factors Affecting Bevameter Soil Characterization6316 / Perceptive Locomotion of Legged Robot Coupling Model Predictive Control and Terrain Mapping6718 / Research on Vehicle Running Performance on Paved Roads Covered with Falling Volcanic Ash6796 / Nonparametric Terrain Estimation Based on the Interaction Simulation Between Planetary...7018 / A Review of Modeling and Validation Techniques for Tire-Deformable Soil Interactions7092 / A Time Domain Passivity Controller for Teleoperation of Four Wheeled Differential...7199 / Vehicle Dynamic Factor Characterized by Actual Velocity and Combined Influence...7233 / Study of Passive Steering Mechanism for Mars Surface Exploration Rovers7399 / Tire-Soil Tangential Force Reinforcement Learning Modeling7878 / A Method for Fast Obtaining of Soil Shear Strength Index Based on Dem Free-Fall Cone...8131 / Parameters Calibration of Red Clay Soil in Hilly Area of Southwest China for Discrete...8349 / The Effect of Integrating a Bio-Inspired Convex Structure with a Low-Surface Energy...8654 / Construction of a Soil Clods Recognition Bench-Scale Experiment for Discrete Element...8658 / Investigation of the Relationship between the Cone Index and the Physical and...9352 / 3D-DEM Simulation and Post-Process Method of Wheel-Terrain Interaction for Planetary Rovers9768 / Design and Traction Performance Test of Bionic Paddy Wheel Based on Cattle Hoof9913 / Acquisition of Flipper Motion in Step-Climbing of Tracked Robot Using Reinforcement Learning

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