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Paper presented at the 11th Asia-Pacific Regional Conference of the ISTVS


Title: A Time Domain Passivity Controller for Teleoperation of Four Wheeled Differential Mobile Robot on Slippery Surface

Authors: Hui Xi, Yanjing Li, Pengyu Sun, Weihua Li, and Jianfeng Wang

Abstract: Four wheeled differential mobile robots have been widely used in many fields. However, on the slippery surfaces (e.g., marble floor), the tire-terrain contact surfaces may induce phenomena of slipping especially when it turns, which brings big challenges for its teleoperation. Aiming at this difficulty, a time-domain passive controller (TDPC) is proposed in this study to compensate for the active energy generated by the environment termination induced by the tire-terrain interaction, and then a stable teleoperator is designed under the coordination of master robot's position and slave robot's velocity. Experiments with a commercial four wheeled mobile robots on the marble floor are conducted to validate the proposed approach.

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