2190 / Tyre Parameterization Tests: Dynamic vs. Static

Paper presented at the 11th Asia-Pacific Regional Conference of the ISTVS


Title: Tyre Parameterization Tests: Dynamic vs. Static

Authors: Carl Becker and Schalk Els

Abstract: Agricultural vehicles are used more on asphalt roads and needs to be safe in an evasive maneuver or during an emergency brake scenario. The designers of these vehicles require tyre parameterization data to obtain accurate and representative simulation results of these vehicles. The standard laboratory tyre testing procedures are not always possible on very large tyres. The limitations in the form of the actual size of the tyre and the required loads on the tyre cannot always be accommodated by the current equipment available to conduct dynamic tests. This study investigates how the tyre parameterization results compare between a dynamic/rolling tyre test and a static/non-rolling tyre. This is in an attempt to parameterize tyre models using largely or only static test data. Tests are conducted on a smaller agricultural tyre where dynamic tyres test results are compared to static tests.

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